W is for Worship

Praise Team

Do you want Southeast to be like God’s church? God’s original design for the church is found in the book Acts. Acts 2:42-47 shows us four foundational qualities of God’s church:


They were a Fellowshipping Church

They were a Learning Church

They were a Outreaching Church

They were a Worshiping Church


The early church was built on worship. When we read the book of Acts- the record of the early church’s history-we conclude that the believers had miracles happen every single day! They didn’t follow signs & wonders, signs & wonders followed them!

 praise team

An expressive, worshipful church results from sincere praise and sincere communion with the Savior. It’s not something you schedule to draw a crowd.

 Praise Team

To become a worshipping church means focus has been shifted. Our natural inclination is to worship other “gods.” But the Bible teaches that we are put on this earth primarily to know and walk with the God who made us and to bring glory to His name.


 “Jesus informs us in John 4:24, that the Father is looking for those who will WORSHIP Him in spirit and in truth. It is those who are called “True Worshipers


Worshipping in “Spirit and in Truth” means worshipping with the mind and heart. True worship re-quires both. You worship in Truth when you know who you are worshipping & why. We are agreeing with God about who He is, what He can do and has done, and what He is asking of us. Then we respond by telling Him so. This is why Bible study and worship go hand in hand. Worship is going to be more effective when it is based on an accurate understanding of who God is.


Our worship of God must engage the mind, but it must also engage the affections, the heart, our emotions, and our spirit. That does not mean that worship has to necessarily be emotional or involve an outward emotional display to be “in the spirit,” but it does mean the heart must be engaged. We show outward excitement and worship to sports, musicians, and celebrities. It would seem only right that God would de-serve more.


A worshipping church is a place where God is exalted in spirit and in truth. So if we are going to FLOW, we must become a Worshipping Church. I look forward to Worshiping with you as we FLOW in the Spirit here at Southeast.