Changed by the Cross

“An when I am lifted up [on the cross], I will draw everyone to me.” John 12:32 TLB

It has been suggested that we spend an hour a day meditating on Christ’s life, especially the closing scenes. Why? One reason is that the cross speaks volumes of the extravagant love of God. It was on the cross that Jesus in the midst of His excruciating pain stopped long enough to make sure His mother was cared for in His absence; asked forgiveness for His cruel tormentors; and secure the soul salvation of the thief who ridiculed and insulted Him. On the cross we see Love in action!

From that quiet hour of contemplation you will emerge amazed, transformed, and thankful that, “God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were still sinners – His natural enemies. He has brought us back to God and we will be saved by His life” (Romans 5:8,10)