O is for Outreach

Ward1-clean up

The Southeast Community Outreach Team, participated in the Ward 1 Clean up Day. The event was a huge success, in no small part due to Southeast members, our students, and Ramah Junior Academy assistance.

The Volunteers made an impressive sight on Lee Road and Tarkington. It was definitely a good day and turn out! Thank you again for stepping up and getting involved. We really appreciated having you there!


iMpacT Wed Ward 1 Open Public Forum

Residents were invited to join Councilman Terrell H. Pruitt at Southeast for the first in a series of iMpact Wednesday for the Ward 1 Community.

Mr. Pruitt discussed Cleveland's redevelopment of the Lee and Miles intersetion and the continuing development of Kerruish Park. He also spoke about neighborhod improvement and other topics of interest to the Ward 1 Community. Residents asked questions, expressed concerns and ideas in this open forum to meet the Councilman and get more involved with their Community.


You've Heard of the Senior Prom



More than 50 seniors from Southeast and the Ward 1 community dressed in formal wear and attended a very special Senior Prom. Sponsored by the Community Outreach Ministry, this beautiful gala featured Funkdafied Jazz live band, red carpet, valet service, escorts, dinner and much more.

According to the Southeast Seniors Community Outreach Team, "Everyone looked just beautiful. We had a good time serving them because our seniors are special to us and they deserved this day and many more".



 Tawanna Norton, Community Outreach Director (Bottom center)