Steps2Christ Praise Dance

The mission of Steps2Christ is to minister the Word of God by using creative movement to encourage and fulfill a worship experience that exemplifies love, expresses gratitude and joy. Through this ministry, we use our temples as an instrument of worship to bring honor, glory, and praise to God.

Our Vision

Not to entertain the church, but to offer up a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord, so we may usher in the body of Christ into the Holy of Holies where they can sit at His feet and know Him more. Letting their praises be a sweet fragrance to the Lord. We will be a Royal Priesthood Ministering to God. Through our Dance we will prepare the way for the presence of the Lord.

Our Purpose

This ministry will be directed towards  the young ladies of Southeast from ages 15 and up, yet open to any young lady in the community that  has a desire to worship and praise God.

The more seasoned women are responsible for mentoring the young ladies to become great womenof God by encouraging them to see God through prayer, bible studies and to use their gifts of worship/creative movement to honor God.

In addition, we desire to translate the value of praise dance to both pastors and church congregations.