Selah Praise Dance

Selah is an interpretive dance ministry for girls’ ages 9 and up, focused on teaching young ladies to be an integral part of worship by ministering through expressive praise.


This ministry includes praise dance, interpretive dance, and worship using banner, flags and streamers. Through the expression of praise and interpretive dance, we transform our praise, love, thankfulness, and loyalty to the Father.


Our mission is to teach young ladies the importance of worship and how they can dedicate their bodies wholeheartedly to open and expressive praise to God.





What does Selah mean? Selah is a word that appears seventy-three times in the Psalms and is also in Habakkuk Chapter 3. It is a musical terms and it means to pause or reflect. When we see Selah in scripture it means we should pause and reflect on these words. It is also believed that when the word Selah appears it indicates and instrumental interlude because the Psalms are poetry often to music.