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Recent blog posts

Voted the Best Amusement Park in the World..

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Sunday, August 23, 2014 - 10:00 am ‘til 7:00 pm


Pack your own lunch/Bring something to share. There’ll be plenty of fun for children & adults. This year we’ll have the usual large bounce house, video game truck, ice cream truck, etc.. In addition, for the adults we offer video games, photo booth and popcorn. “Old school” games for everyone, board games, piñata, horseshoes, etc. Soda & water will be provided by the Church. There’s something for everyone to Do.. We guarantee you will get full and have fun.

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The Sermon on the Mount has been called "The Manifesto of the King" and "The Magna Carta of the Kingdom." It is the essence of the teaching of Jesus presented to His disciples.

To those who heard it on the hill overlooking Galilee it had an immediate impact. It some respects it was revolutionary, overturning accepted ideas. It packs a powerful punch today, especially as it is expounded in this classic by Ellen White.

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Elder Gary Collins, Guest Speaker

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Guest Speaker: Robert Patterson Jr., Associate Treasurer, Allegheny East Conference

Maximizing Gods Blessings for His Glory. T4 Time Talent Treasure Temple

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Everyone has goals, whether they are consciously mapped out and planned or just routine things that we desire. However, sometimes we get so focused on the goal that we forget that our focus should be on doing the necessary things that are required to accomplish the goal. We live today in an image-driven society. Many people desire the trappings of success...the material assets that come with accomplishment, but they are not nearly as committed to doing the work required to attain these assets. I have often said that success is not about making money...success is about doing the best job possible at whatever you do, because when you do a good job, the money will come.

Our lives are so hectic that we often forget to stop and smell the flowers. We forget to take the time to enjoy our lives and to enjoy all of the amazing blessings that God gives us...a sunny day...a spring rain...the sound of birds chirping...a hug from a little child. All of these things are gifts from God that cost nothing and are far more valuable than anything that money can buy.

While we are in pursuit of our goals and aspirations, we must take the time to enjoy the journey. We must recognized that achieving our goals is far more about the journey than about the destination. I shared with our church recently something that God shared with me, and it is this: "If I am determined to reach my goal, I must be more committed to the journey, than I am preoccupied with the destination." This came to me more as an affirmation and direction than as a revelation. But, it was indeed what I needed to hear. Why not get focused on the journey today? Stop, look and listen to all that is going on around you. Enjoy the people and the things that God brings into your life and be committed to the work that is necessary to achieve your goal, and you will reach your destination.

With faith and focus,


Pastor J.M. Hurs

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The Southeast Social Committee sponsored a social event last Sunday, Dec 14th at “Zip City”, the indoor Trampoline Park located in Streetsboro Ohio. Over 50 people were in attendance including children, young adults and adults young at heart. Everyone had an amazing experience as they propelled down 220 feet of zip line, traveling speeds of up to 20 mph. You just couldn’t get enough.

Another main attraction that generated a lot of attention was the trampoline foam pit. While it looked easy and inviting, it was very deceiving, which became apparent when the young at heart, such as Gary King Sr. and Daryl Carter Sr., took on the amazing challenge of sky dive and found it a little tricky getting out.

On the other end of the park several group members had fun playing trampoline dodge ball which consisted of 20 players (10 vs 10), kids of all ages were playing alongside the bigger kids using the safe, soft, foam dodge balls. Those who didn’t play dodge ball just enjoyed themselves bouncing around on several available trampolines.

For the sports fans who were worried about missing the Browns game, they were able to lounge and watch the game on flat screen TV’s. Parents and supporters were able to relax in the Sky Lounge that overlooked the Trampoline and Zipline areas, and watch everyone “have a blast”.

Thank you, Dawn Carter and the Social Committee for your diligence and hard work in preparing for this event. Each and every person who attended had a wonderful time.

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Dec 14th, 2-4 pm. Location: Streetsboro, OH. Featuring: State of the Art Trampoline Park with trampoline foam pits, dodgeball courts, trampoline basketball courts, and one-of-a kind zip lines. Tots’ area (kids under 6 years old) is available. MUCH MUCH FUN! Group rate for 40 people - $10 per person. 21st century video game arcade $5 extra.

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Glenn Burks celebrating his 51st Birthday. Featuring: Guest soloist: Michelle Levy & Daughters, Theresa Morton, Cheryl Bonner and Kennedy Jones. Afterwards, you’re invited to come to Fellowship Hall for ice cream and cake.

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Speaker: Pastor Jerome M. Hurst. It's our time Seniors! You're asked to dress in our traditional "blue and white"! Dinner will be served after service and everyone is invited. See Theresa Nickens for more information.

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Nov 17th & 24th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Domestic Violence Advocacy Training Program was designed to support the development of leadership skills among faith-based and community leaders as it relates to interpersonal and interfamilial violence. Participants will learn how to provide professional support for victims of sexual and domestic violence under nine topic areas in accordance with the Ohio Advocacy Network.

Presenter: Ruth H. Johnson-Williams, Director Pneuma Life Foundation.

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Good Day Family,

When I was a child, the word "listening" was synonymous with obeying. Listening meant doing what you were told. I can remember hearing my father say "listen to your mother," which always meant do what your mother said. When the Children of Israel were in the wilderness with Moses, God revealed God's self with thunder and lighting and smoke and trumpets and frightened the Israelites so much that they told Moses that they did not want God to speak to them anymore. They told Moses that if he would speak to them that they would listen. If you know their story, you know that that promise did not last long.

Why is it that we find it so difficult to obey the voice of God? I once heard a sermon entitled, "When Self Gets in the Way." It was one of the most profound messages that I have ever heard on disobedience. Responding to our selfish wants and desires is one of the greatest obstacles to our obedience to God. We ignore or forget what God wants...what God has said and respond to the voice that is in our own heads, telling us to satisfy our wants and desires first and foremost. This is always problematic because this is when self gets in the way of God's will, God's purpose and God's plan.

Rather than responding to self, why not seek God's will, plan and purpose for our lives? Though God's plan may not offer immediate gratification, in the long run, it will bring about ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction. Make your decision today to listen to obey God's will and to follow in the path of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the pathway to real happiness and genuine peace and it can be yours today by simply listening to God. Are you listening?

With an attentive heart,

Pastor J. M. Hurst

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Stellar Award Winner Isaac Caree. To purchase tickets (216) 581-2626

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Hello Family,

What makes you mad? What are the things that upset you creating disequilibrium in your life? Is it injustice or the insensitivity of others? Is it the greed and avarice that causes a small percentage of the world's population to control the vast majority of the world's wealth while millions around the globe suffer sickness and hunger? What makes you angry is really not the issue. How you handle your anger is what is most important. How do you deal with the matters, issues and people who cause you to become angry? How do you deal with those things that infuriate you, causing your blood to boil? The Apostle Paul taught the Ephesian Church not to allow their anger to be a cause for sin. This is good counsel because it instructs us not to get caught up in the negativity of others.

The answer to addressing our anger is to find constructive and creative means of responding to those things that provoke you. There is no value in becoming angry about injustices and doing nothing to try and correct them. Often people use the excuse of powerlessness as a reason for their apathy. In reality, if we stand by and watch injustice while complaining yet doing nothing, we are equally as responsible as the perpetrator. You can become a part of the solution by speaking out against wrong and striving to correct it through appropriate means and channels.

When you simply accept injustice without complaint you are implying that you are satisfied with the way things.

I want to suggest three methods or strategies that can help to correct injustice. Speak. Use every possible method of communicating about the injustice that you see. Be clear, honest and forthright in your communication. Act. Take all available steps to right wrongs and correct injustices that you see or experience. Your inaction is participation in the injustice. Pray. God has the power to correct any situation if we have the faith. Remember, prayer changes things. If you believe in God's power, God can fix the situation. Speak, Act, and Pray. You can become the change that you desire.

In the Spirit of Justice,


Pastor J.M. Hurst


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Dr. Joe Grider, Guest Speaker & Tonya Loveday, Psalmist, Friday September 12th @ 7 pm & Saturday September 13th @ 11:30 am.

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Special Musical Guest Psalmist Theresa Morton

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Special Musical Guest Geoffrey Golden, Sunday Best Finalist.

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Women's Day is Northern Ohio Women's Ministry Emphasis Day. 

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Dinner & a Message. Live Vegetarian Performing Arts Cooking Show.

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"Behold! The lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! John 1:29

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